Shiva Eye & Mother Of Pearl Belly Bar

Tribal, organic, beautiful belly bar.
It's made of a beautiful and unique white Shiva Eye shell set in mother of pearl shell and surgical steel (nickel free) pin. 14g-

Top ball's diameter is 5 mm.

Bottom disc's diameter is 10mm (the disc can't be removed from the pin).

Pin is 14g-1.6 mm thick and 9.5 mm long.


A bit about the Shiva Eye shell:
"The operculum shell once polished becomes a superb, extraordinary jewel. Also known as Shiva eye, it is considered throughout the world to be a lucky charm. Wearing it in the form of a jewel or keeping it in your purse will ward off the evil eye.

Eye of Shiva Shell jewelry makes for a wonderful gift because of its natural beauty coupled with its spiritual meaning

A Shiva Eye is the protective covering at the opening of the Turban snail. Also called the "Operculum"(latin). It is a hard shell that acts as a door that seals the opening of the snail's shell and protects the soft animal`s life. The snail itself pulls this door closed, using its muscle power.

Towards the end of the snail's natural life this protective door detaches and sinks to the seabed. for divers to collect.

The Eye of Shiva also has a strong representation in Hinduism. It is the third eye in the middle of the forehead of the Hindu God Shiva. Representing wisdom, it is thought to have the ability to look beyond the obvious. It symbolizes the flow of life, the constant change of the universe, spiritual knowledge and creative visualization.

It is said to have a universally positive effect on well-being.