Rainbow Moonstone & Iolite Sterling Silver Ring

Beautiful, Natural Rainbow Moonstone and Iolite ring. Perfect combination between 2 amazing gemstones
Materials: Sterling silver 925
Center oval gemstone: genuine rainbow moonstone. The tiny round gemstone is a natural blue Iolite
Sizes: You can choose your size : 6-(52), 7-(54), 7.5-(56), (58)-8 or 9-(60)

Rainbow Moonstone: "The meaning of moonstone is in its energy - a very nourishing, sensual, deeply feminine energy that knows how to heal and bring you back to wholeness. It is the stone of the mother moon, deep healing waters, and sacred feminine energies "

Iolite Gemstone :" Iolite is a variety of the mineral cordierite. This mineral was named after French geologist Cordier. The name iolite comes from ios, the Greek word for violet. Iolite is commonly known as "water sapphire" in its deep blue sapphire color. Like sapphire and tanzanite, its fellow blue gemstones, iolite is pleochroic- meaning it transmits light differently when viewed from different directions. The Vikings made iolite's pleochroism a virtue by using thin slices of the stone as a light polarizer to navigate their tripsLike a crisp, dark winter sky, Iolite, in shifting shades of violet-blue carries the spirit of journey, of dreams and intuition, of exploration and illumination. It is known as the Vikings' Compass, and provides the vision to move us, physically and spiritually, from one realm to the next."