16g Tiny Gold septum piercing Ring - for a pierced nose

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Unique and beautiful Septum piercing Ring for a pierced nose. Tribal, ethnic, delicate design. 

Material: You can choose the material : Available in sterling silver 925 gold plated & brass 

  • Inner diameter: 0.31Inc - 8mm 
  • Thickness: 1 mm - 18 gauge / 1.2mm - 16g
  • Measures: Width - 11mm - 0.43 Inc / Length - 10mm - 0.39 Inc 
  • *Nickel-free
  • *Also available also for Non pierced nose.

How to clean brass and silver?

Brass and silver oxidize naturally with time and with contact to the skin. This is a beautiful and natural look of the metals, but it's possible with a bit of cleaning once in a while to maintain the new, shining, bright look of the metal. Use a bit of lemon or vinegar to soak the jewel, and a soft cloth to rub the jewel until it shines again. There are also special cloths (that contains a sort of gentle acid) for cleaning metals, usually sold in jewelry stores.

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